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K'yaan01: streets
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K'yaan00: studio demo
Khirkeeyan Team

patch bay and tv interface.

All images are mirrored and eye-lines matched.

The mics were not handheld, but kept on the side.

End of the video.



Khirkeeyaan 0
Demo at Khoj Studios, Khirkee Extn.

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On day one all of khoj was voluntarily employed in tying of the cables. Close to 1200 mts of cable unwinding, rewinding. Gargantuan tangles at first, they soon spooled as one… 2 - 91m.bundles of coax and 100 mts of XLR had to be taped together for each unit of camera mic and tv. 4 such bundles had to be made and rca, bnc, rf and f connecters needed to be crimped. The cables were laid out in the 4 studios at khoj, 3 on the top floor and my studio on the ground floor. The place was staked by snaking with cables. When all was quiet that evening, we connected it all. Aastha, Gambhir, Hemant, Arun and Ramesh, Nirmala, Sunita and baby. All the camera view were flopped so for 'mirror image.' And the cameras eye levels were matched.

We experienced problems with feedback, which worried us; at first we blamed it on the rf signal on the assembled TV’s, and then the close proximity of the 3 top floor studios which was partially true. But it was the architecture of the space and that acoustically unsound. The empty studios didn’t help either. The mics were placed about 2 feet away from the TV.

Next morning, Upstairs and around the place, were students from Pakistan (beacon national college, Lahore) and Kashmir (studying in various art colleges in srinagar, chandigarh, delhi) . They were at khoj participating in ‘Colouring outside the lines’, a workshop aimed at dialogue and exchange between Pakistani and Kashmiri students. The coordinator, Sabah asked some of the students to talk to me about their project. At the end of this workshop they were asked to show a work made together, and they were 'stuck'. The 2 girls from Lahore said they found it hard to be creative with the boys from Kashmir. “They are traditional, we are modern, they said.” I showed them the open-circuit tv system - and told them they could use it, to perhaps talk to each other, or as they wanted. We were going to be reconnecting to test it again.

"Getting to know each other".

Ismet, rabia had a script. They would each be in one studio, the fourth room would be empty. After some 'getting to know each other" they would leave their rooms and enter the empty one and symbolically sit together. They played with the boundaries of the frame. It was performed for about ten minutes and was edited as a 3-minute video.

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