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Khirkeeyan Team

Episode 5: Doctors Advice.

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Doctors house, lab, OPD, studio, perfumerie...

Doctor's audio video studio and TV.

Free advice outside STD booth.

So can i eat the chicken or not?

Advice outside Jafar's STD.

Patchbay in a small shop outside doctors lane owned by Gambhir.


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We met a multi-faceted man. His card said, eradicate poverty through health and education. He told us, that he was a doctor, a poet, a singer, a painter, an inventor, a social worker…”Ask not what all I am.”

He took us to his house, Outside it said OPD/DOCTOR.  Dr Saab, plied us with a folder of his achievements. A chandelier that has two colours. Turned one way it emits Red Light, turned the other way, it Glows Green. More importantly, it works on other senses too; Rose Attar gets sprayed in the air when Red, and Khus Attar when Green. He said he was the inventor of the bulb that never dies, Double Filament Light Bulb! We watched a music video he had directed, acted and edited, staring himself singing a Rafi song. His room had slogans painted in green.

He said, “lets do a doctor ki muft salah, free advice from the doctor.”

Hot Sunday Post Lunch Torpor hits Khrikee Extension. Our TVs turn on outside 2 STD booths, one dhabha, all within 200 mts of doctors house. Doctors frame is dramatically different from the others. He is sitting where he normally sits to watch TV. His TV too is larger than the others. He’s flanked by 2 cronies and they all reek of the same attar he wears. (We have been running into doctor and his cronies often enough and can smell them approaching the Mohalla from 25 mts away).

This was Khirkeeyaan with a value-addition; akin to traditional community media…get free advice from the good doctor…and in that sense very different from the 4:4 ratio and open window system. We don’t want to say much…but will leave you with some stellar advice from Doctor BUMS/MBBS (Bachelor of Unani Medical Science/ Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery.)

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I am sitting here for the children. These lovely, lovely children.
And if there are any problems relating to children, or physical problems, they can talk to me, and I will give advice. There is nothing wrong with taking free advice.

Yes, tell me.

Case #1 Common Cold

Young Man:
I'm very troubled by a cold. And I feel very hot. What must I use in the morning?

You have a running nose?


The thing is,because your house has a leakage problem,there are two disadvantages -The WBC's and the RBC's -The white blood corpuscles and red blood corpuscles - The WBC's, which variate - they increase in number. The problem with them increasing is that it leads to a running nose. For this, the first thing is - I will give you a completely home remedy -You can do this - Boil water, and put a Dispirin in it. Thereafter, put a cloth over it and then inhale the fumes. And then you will see, in 2 or 4 or a day or so, or 1 or 2 days, you will be cured of this. Try it and see.
And the room that you're staying in, try and do something about it, it is not good for you to stay there. I've been there once and its full of moisture. I'll tell you one thing, it is a very good thing - it is especially good for the many children who are listening. My experience will benefit them. I will tell them one thing - If a TB patient sits in your room and coughs, and if his TB germs start flying in your room, they will be alive for 40 days. Ok. As soon as it leaves his mouth it can affect you. This is why this room is not beneficial for your health.

Case #2 The Bird Flu

Young Boy:
Hello, Doctor sahib...


Sir, I would like to ask a question about this bird flu disease that was there. Is it there in Delhi now, or not?

Before asking me, introduce yourself. My name is Mausin Khan.

Where do you live?

As of now, I am in front of you. I live here only.

See, son, America has given a lot to India - They made India forget hindi, and gave us english. They made Ram Rama and Krishn Krishna. America made it's dollar work. Its ever present here. This disease is not of our country. There is not a single bird in our country which could have been the cause of this disease. 12 years before today, you must have heard about the spread of a disease called ensyphalitis. The birds from Siberia, which you all must have seen, come in great numbers during the winter. I'm sure the children must have seen them. They fly in an arrow formation. They fly very systematically. They come from Siberia and they bring the disease from there. They had spread this in India.
Now, the answer to your question is -this disease did not originate in India.

So, sir, can we eat this?

Son, at this time I can't really tell you whether you can eat it or can't eat it. No, because I spoke to a chicken wallah. He claimed they know... "If the bird is infected, Doctor sahib, we know." I asked, "How?"He replied, "I touch his legs like this, and I put the claws on his wings like this, and I can tell." I said, "See, man is such ...aanyone will eat it if you give him such an assurance." See, you can't really tell when the infection is in and when it's being transferred. As of now, it is not in Delhi. I see a lot of cases in Delhi. I roam around a lot, from here to there. My job is related to health. So, in my view, there is no such case. Nor have I heard of any. If you do not crave for it, and if your heart says no, then do not eat... Because the disease is such that curing it is very difficult. So, you should never do a thing, which is very difficult to cure. That which is easy - like the remedy I just explained, about the inhalation - Put in the Dispirin, inhale the fumes. No need to have anti-biotics, or analgesics. Do you understand? So, that's why, if you feel like eating it, then you can eat it. If it doesn't, then don't eat it. They are readily available in the market. Ok?

Ok. Thank you.

Case #3 Blemished Skin

Young Woman:
Hello. I have marks on my face. What do I need for them? I put medicine, but nothing happens.

Doctors Sidekick:
First, tell me your name. My name is Monu. Where do you stay?

I stay here only in Malviya Nagar...

What are the stains on your face like? Means, there are black-black stains...

There is a stain - black, black...

Firstly, I can't see the marks clearly...Are you talking about the dark circles under the eye or the patches of different skin on your face?

Yes, yes, on the face.

Ok, ok. So, actually, there is no immediate solution to this as such. How many children do you have? I have 3 children. Did this happen after having one of the children? No, this happened after. Basically, there is oral medication for this, but you will have to come here and we will see you and then I can prescribe you a medicine. So, right now, I'll talk to you about it a bit. Generally, let me tell you, there is a medicine available called Hydrogen Peroxide. If you ever come here, I will give it to you. After applying small amounts on your face, wash your skin well, and then apply Boroline or any other antiseptic cream. Ok. If you do this for a month, the layer of skin that is turning black will be finished. Ok. And save yourself from sun-light, smoke and other such things. Ok. Because, the skin will go further black if any carbon passes over it. It will make the carbon sit inside itself. If a white person starts working with coal, his skin will become black. So, this is nature. So now, save your skin from the sun and other such tapishth waali things. This is the only cure for this.

Ok, bye.

Case #4 Therapy and care

Mentally challenged Young Man:
Why don't I become fat?

You, dont ask me. This gentleman here will answer you.

Doctors Sidekick:
Take a cycle-pump, put it in your mouth, you understand? Fill yourself with air. You will become fat.

Why doesn't my shop run?

Doctor: The shop will work on it's own if sit outside it.

Why is my marriage not happening?

What ??? Why is your marriage not happening ??? Now, now you are a milk-drinking baby and you're already worried about marriage. This is a bad thing. Do children talk like this? You are still a child. These big-big things... who is teaching you these bad-bad things?

I, I am trying to learn work, but they don't let me learn.

Why do you want to learn how to work? Without work, you are getting to eat maal, then why do you need to work?

Not maal, but learning to work is necessary.

Don't learn!

Learning is necessary.

No, no, no!

If you get it for free, you should not learn it.

It is necessary to learn.

You will do useless work. What is the use?You will go, get shouted at...

Case #5 Growing Pains

Hello, Doctor sahib...

Yes, tell me.

He is not saying anything.You're not asking me any question...

Why is my height decreasing?


My height should increase.

How will your height become less?


Only one type of person's height decreases - one that has bad habits.

No, my height should increase.

That's what I'm saying -

height decrease's of that person who's height stops increasing while growing. Height reduces for those who have bad habits. No, I don't have any bad habits. So now you are trying to question my abilities after asking me such a tricky question? That was the question, and this is the answer.

No, no.

The height stops of a person the day he steps into wrong influences. Pay attention to this fact. Which is why, when in adolescence, it is the parents' duty to protect their children from such things. Your height is not stopping. Look into the depths of yourself and you will come to know why your height is decreasing.

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