Kahani Elgin Ki (in cinemascope) 29 mins.

Elgin Talkies is a 116-year-old decrepit cinema house in Shivaji Nagar that still uses carbon arc projectors. Older than cinema itself, it was first a playhouse, and its logbook catalogues a veritable history of early cinema from silent films to the screening of India’s first talkie, Alam Ara.

Gaurav Chandelya spent 48 hours inside Elgin, clocking the daily films and changes. Tamil films at night, reruns of B grade Hindi films in the day, a loyal staff that has grown and aged with Elgin. The magic of cinema is right here, and Kahani Elgin Ki bears warm witness.

Highlights include: wonderful scenes inside the cinema hall, Sanjay Dutt fan Zameer, a priceless Govinda, and Changes of State, Ashok Sukumaran's switch-based installation on the façade of elgin talkies.

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