Paul Ka Fall
(born again camera) 20 mins.

Paul Keller falls in love with Shivaji Nagar. He bikes around clicking photographs of cows, painted signs and ‘good question’ posters from the World Info poster campaign. He falls off the bike and drops his camera. It needs to be repaired. He takes it to a Canon Authorized Service Center and is told that it will be sent to Delhi for an estimate and that alone will take a week. In one small lane near national market, paul meets his master and his camera is repaired the ‘kaam chalao’ way in twenty minutes for rupees two hundred only.

Highlights include: A local translation of some of Sebastian Luetgert's, 'Good Question' posters, Pauls biker music video and Messiah Ajith’s born again gift.

Download full video (.mp4)  181mb, 18mins.

Download full video (.ogg) 145 mb, 18 mins.



Recycled Market

Elgin in Cinemascope

Paul's Fall

Mall practice

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