Now Talking TV . 80mins.

Lokesh had agreed with surprising enthusiasm to air wicitytv programming. My collaboration with him was being carried forward from rustle TV, where he and Mubarak had suggested we also air rustle tv programming on his ‘channel’. Lokesh’s reading was clear, he had said ‘Local programming, everyone will watch’. He told us about ‘Suroor TV’ a local urdu language channel that an enterprising young Banglorean had tried to run from his family home that Lokesh used to air, as such a channel would be hugely popular in Deccani speaking Shivaji Nagar. We met with Kashif in Lokesh’s control room, and were completely elevated by his story and the energy that had gone behind ‘suroor tv’, an independent Urdu language channel that had run from Kashif's family home.

Lokesh, and his 'gang' of cable operators from the locality and Suroor TV, members were joined by Jawahar Raja and Shudhabrata Sengupta (Sarai) and Lawrence Liang (alf) for an unedited and uncensored 80 mins of talking TV.  Shot in Suroor TV Studio, Cox town, Bangalore.

(translated transcription coming soon.)

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