Infrastructure Primitives: Retooling workshop.
Summit: Non-Aligned Initiatives in Education Culture
Sunday May 27, HAU, Berlin.

By Ashok Sukumaran and Shaina Anand

Privilege escalation: Meta media caucus
Summit: Non-Aligned Initiatives in Education Culture
Friday May 25, HAU, Berlin.

Sharing is Creating.
IIT Bombay. 26th & 27th of January, 2007

Conducted by

Before one begins to embrace the framework of Creative Commons, copyleft or free media, one has to ponder deeply over notions such as 'author', 'creator' and 'copyright' holder. This workshop will enable the creation of content and derivative works through various stages in the making of short videos.  Participants will be encouraged to give more of them-selves than they can receive, to realize the benefits of creativity by sharing while working in collaborative environments.

Alien Contact: conversations
Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore.   
22nd November - 2nd December, 2006

Conducted by Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran.

Taking over from a 10-day ‘Conversations’ workshop by Ansuman Biswas, we began to explore further the theme ‘Alien contact’. A few students took off on individual projects that explored the idea of a free services offered by way of cellular contact The rest of the students, focused on their own alienation as outsiders and recent residents of Yelahanka New Town.  RadioYeloBela 100 fm was a 2 day micro-fm radio station produced entirely by the students for Yelahanka New Town Market. 208 SFS Lights explored the idea of the ‘gift’, in the organisation of a participatory street lighting event in 208- SFS Colony, where most of them reside.

Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore
9th -20th November, 2005

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A small temporary TV studio set up on the top floor of Lawyers Collective, Tasker Town, Bangalore generated programming for 3500 homes in Shivaji Nagar during World Information City, 2005.  Several films were made by students and tactical media rookies in a highly collaborative peer learning environment.

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Rustle TV
Srishti School of Art, Design and technology.
Force, New Media Semester.
November 15th - December 5th 2004

Conducted by Shaina Anand

Part pedagogical intervention, Rustle TV was a student run channel that was produced and aired inside the historic Russell Market, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore.

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