YeloBela Radio workshop with students of Srishti, Bangalore. November 2006.




Conversations: alien contact
Interim Semester Workshop. Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. Conducted by Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran.
22nd November - 2nd December, 2006

Following on from a10-day 'Conversations' workshop by Ansuman Biswas, we spent the first two days sharing our work and participating in short exercises, such as writing collaborative descriptive texts about people and places, re-writing songs via sms tag and so on.

When we got down to larger projects, most present expressed a desire to work outside of the campus. Each student voiced a couple of ideas of projects they would like to do in public spaces, and they were discussed in the context of public art, performance art and tactical media practice. While many thought of Brigade Road or MG Road as the appropriate site for intervention, one student for example talked of the KRTC, and the complete lack of information on bus routes for commuters. He worked on a 'free bus-route' service that he could (and did, briefly) offer via SMS from his memory and maps he would carry around with him.
Brigade Road 'alien contact' was soon replaced by their immediate environment, Yelahanka, where most of these students, temporary residents of Bangalore lived. Many of them felt alien in their surroundings, they stuck out as they were identified only as "Srishti" students and had limited social contact with their neighbourhood. Proposals such as painting a mural or shop shutter in New Town Market were put forth, debated and voted out, due a general consensus that we would like to deal with the "information landscape" in a more direct way. A micro-fm radio show for New-Town Market was collectively agreed upon by one group. The second large project, 208-SFS Lights explored the idea of the 'gift', in a participatory street lighting event in 208- SFS Colony, where most of them reside.

100 FM. Radio Yelo Bela.
Interviews with New Town Market shop owners and Srishti students, requests and dedications for songs, promos, jingles and featured radio spots were quickly edited and made into playlists. Songs were sourced and Scripts written. A dipole antenna was built for the Veronica transmitter and the radios from the Unstruck Sound performance were sourced.
Radio Yelo –Bela (sesame-jaggery- a popular snack mixture available in New Town Market) 100 FM and was received within the 300 metre radius of the market on 2 evenings. It was produced and run entirely by a core group of 6 girls who worked collectively and speedily: recording and editing, disseminating radios and frequency, doubling up as show hosts and RJ's. A lapel mic, laptop, cellphone with speaker function, a power strip and a chair formed the studio, which was hosted in the empty foyer on top of Aditi Computer Classes. On the second day, 25 radios were hosted in various shops in the market, and programming was expanded to include call-ins and studio guests.
100 FM Radio YeloBela was conceived and produced by:
Nafisa Crishna
Priyanka Daga
Dyuti Mittal
Radhamohini Prasad
Ria Rajan
with the help of many other students and shopkeepers of Yelahanka New Town Market.
Dipole specifications:
Note: 56" is 1.42 metres (not 1.2)

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